PADESCO LLC is an international consulting company offering full services from planning, architectural, interior and lighting design, to engineering and construction monitoring. To bring the projects of our clients to fruitful completion we provide feasibility studies, and for projects located out of the United States financial architecture and project financing. Through creative process we are able to support the clients with establishing their corporate identity and providing advertising campaigns.


Our Vision

We believe our work in design shall be simple, beautiful and economical. Our engineering, construction, and urban development shall be sustainable and minimize its impact on surrounding nature. We try to bring back what was lost due to industrialization or other adverse activities, and recreate lost attributes to the local natural habitat. We consider that our activities shall support local economy, inspire local cultural values and help them flourish.

We believe in honesty and bringing total satisfaction to all participants including the owners, developers, designers, consultants and future users. We strive to be a socially responsible member of our society.



77 Fulton St., suite 13L
New York, NY 10038


(01) 914.260.8178