PADESCO LLC services respond to growing interest and needs among international businesses for engineering and architectural design consulting, which is supported by providing financing of the projects to bring them to successful operation.

PADESCO LLC is addressing a wide range of needs in business consultation:

• Initial Setup of Projects

• Optimization of Land and Building Volume Use

• Urban and Site Planning

• Architectural and Interior Design

• Lighting Design

• Engineering design and services

• Value engineering

• Construction Monitoring

• Creation of Corporate Media Image, Identity and Branding

• Individualized Vision and Mission Statements


In addition PADESCO LLC provides in cooperation with its consultants:

• Delivery of a “Turn-key” Projects
•  New Technology Transfer and Licensing
•  Financial Analysis
•  Financial Service of Development Projects and Commerce
•  Cost Management of Developments in Planning and Construction,

•  Budgetary Reporting of Completed Segments of Projects,

•  Review and Analysis of Financial Reports to Maintain Minimal Costs
•  Detailed Analysis of Proposed Design Solutions to Address:

Illumination optimization of interior spaces and exterior of a building in view of costs, energy efficiency, user comfort, aesthetics, and exterior appeal.
Assessment of compliance with LEED, compatibility with local codes and other sustainability requirements.


PADESCO LLC offers financial service for the projects outside of the United States in all construction categories: civil, infrastructure, industrial, and city infrastructure. Its area of expertise includes various legal entities from government and self-governing agencies to incorporations and individual businesses.


Projects located outside of the United States over $10M receive grants or subsidies for performing pre-feasibility study analysis. Basis for receiving a financial credit are construed by providing documentation proving a strong economic project performance and analysis documenting feasibility of an actual payback. The elements of the required package are financial documents as: business opportunity, pre-feasibility study study, and detail feasibility study with consideration of the particular assumptions, which are basis for credit payback.









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